Friday, November 30, 2007

You Tube Debate

I find it quite interesting when the Democrats begin planting questions in a Republican debate. It seems that Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have greater fear of their Republican counterpart than of each other. Could it be that the "Republican smear machine" scares the bat crap out of the Dems so bad that they feel the need to protect themselves even before the general election begins? What could be striking such great fear in these stoic, all-knowing, and all powerful Democrats? I believe it is something that we as common-sense American conservatives take for granted; the truth. The Dems do not want to expose their true beliefs to the American people. They do not want to expose their core 'values' to the American people. They know that in doing so, we will see them for the incompetent, selfish, socialistic, and deceiving, politicians they truly are.
The Republicans don't see the need to call out the Dems until the general election; let the liberals duke it out and beat each other up before we get the chance to challenge their craziness. Although many of the Republicans referr to Mrs. Clinton, or Mr. Obama, they due so only to point out how wrong the other side of the isle truly is. No need to fear, need to fear....yet.